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Not a Paper Tiger…or Teddy Bear

You can’t have a good message if there is nothing behind it.

Amy Price

paper tiger.jpg

Probably the most visible thing Ignite does for our clients is our work on refining and sharing our client’s stories. It’s what you see when you skim Facebook, visit a website, or when a flyer catches your eye on a church bulletin board. It’s the fun part—the part where we get to tell an audience of interested listeners about the great things our partners are doing.

But, there is more to it. If there isn’t any truth behind the message, if there is nothing to tell, then there is really no point. Messaging without substance is just static. For Ignite’s team, that’s where the exciting work comes in. We help our clients tell their stories, but before we do that our whole team works together with a client to find their strengths, uncover weaknesses and target the opportunities where they operate. We work with our client to make their organizations stronger, better….sometimes faster. We improve processes, work on organizational structure and help them find a better way to do business, whatever that business is. That’s where the real work happens, because a good story has a strong plot and a definite direction.

When there isn’t a solid plan or direction, your audience senses it because inauthenticity is pretty smelly. The public’s desire for and need for a peek behind the scenes make it imperative that message matches mission and that the mission informs the entire organization from top to bottom

Amy Price