Ignite Corporate Recovery Partners

Growing Buisinesses

Growing Companies

Ignite Corporate Recovery Partners works with you to refine your mission, clarify your goals, and find ways to better serve your customers.


Most organizations struggle with the same issues. How can we do more with less? Who should we hire? How do we manage a budget? How do we grow our business, mission, and profits?

Bill Neiland--Ignite CRP Managing Partner


Organizational Strategy

It’s a challenge for any organization to rise above the tactical level and think strategically. Ignite works with your leadership team to help you objectively evaluate where your organization is today and plan the way forward. We work with you to put together a strategy.


Ignite has a team of experienced Project Managers that can help you create and implement good processes, put together effective staffing plans, and increase the efficiency of your daily activities. Ignite’s goal is to become part of your team to stabilize and improve your operations…and then get out of your way. 

Marketing & Communications

Consistent, professional Marketing is crucial to reach your potential customers and help them understand your product. Ignite is ready to help you with messaging, websites, social media, brochures and collateral, logos and graphics, and newsletters.