Ignite Corporate Recovery Partners

Ignite your Business

Ignite your Business


We make strategy work.

Ignite brings expertise where you need it and when you need it. Short term to help you get up and running or long-term management. We are part of your team and your passion is ours.


What Ignite did for First Stop was nothing short of a rescue operation—from helping us define our core message to improving our overall operations to taking over our bookkeeping and accounting functions and rebuilding all of our Marketing tools and materials.
— Paul Pradat, First Stop Board Member

Resource allocation is a challenge for most non-profits, and what works for large businesses isn't always an option. Ignite teams with non-profits to amplify your capabilities, allowing you to concentrate on your core mission, and strengthen your overall operations and community engagement.


I’m not sure I would ever have got my business off the ground without Ignite. They have truly been partners in my business.
— Jonathan Fowler, Founder Fow Wow Designs

Our team has worked with a number of start-ups over the years. Many with great success and a few were failures.We have scars, but we are proud of them, because they taught us a lot. We get involved, we get to know you and we have the experience to help.

Growing Companies

The Ignite team filled many of the gaps that were holding Open Door back when we had hit a ceiling. After their assistance, my business has grown substantially and has doubled its services and clientele.
— David Stidger, Owner and Operator Open Door

Growing businesses face challenges as they make the move to serve more customers. We are experts in helping businesses position for growth. We offer a variety of services to help you take the next steps. We have expertise in strategy, finance, increasing the efficiency of your operations, marketing and communications to reach your customers.