Ignite Corporate Recovery Partners



Ignite Corporate Recovery Partners understands how to add direct value to the areas of your organization that will fuel your mission. 


There is no reason why a well-run non-profit organization serving an important role in the community should ever struggle financially.

Bill Neiland--Ignite CRP Managing Partner



It’s a misconception that all non-profits are destined to struggle financially. Ignite has helped multiple non-profits drastically improve their financial stability and establish a pattern of annual income growth by providing hands-on assistance growing supporter bases, organizing successful fundraising events, increasing overall donations, applying for and winning monetary grants, and developing compelling fundraising campaigns. 

Organizational Strategy

It’s a challenge for any organization to rise above the tactical level and think strategically. Ignite works with your leadership team to help you objectively evaluate where your organization is today and plan the way forward. Ignite helps you put together a strategy, that includes creation and implementation of a board development plan ensuring you have the right roles and the right individuals on your team.

Financial & Bookkeeping

Even small non-profits need financial expertise, but often can’t afford to keep a qualified and experienced accountant on staff full time. Ignite’s flexible accounting resources bring deep non-profit experience to your organization. We are a partner whether you need someone to take over your daily bookkeeping operations, help creating efficient accounting processes for your own staff to implement, or you need high-level assistance with financial analysis, reporting, and budget planning. 

Operations & IT Support

Ignite has a team of experienced Project Managers that can help you create and implement good processes, put together effective staffing plans, and increase the efficiency of your daily activities. Ignite’s goal is to become part of your team to stabilize and improve your operations…and then get out of your way. 

Marketing & Communications

Consistent, professional Marketing is crucial to reach your potential support base and help them understand your mission and how they can engage with it. Ignite has deep non-profit experience ready to help you with messaging, websites, social media, brochures and collateral, logos and graphics, and newsletters.