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Services Overview

While part of our ethos is to team with our clients to fire up their operations and message, we also offer service packages with short-term engagement. We bring the same passion to these projects and leave you better educated to deal with the challenges and opportunities that face your business.



Our businesses operate in complex, competitive environments. Things change quickly, and it’s easy to drift away from our mission, neglect important organizational objectives, and maybe even lose sight of what business we’re really in. Ignite’s team, experienced in a wide variety of industries, will lead a non-judgmental, objective forum to refine your organization’s mission and values, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, analyze the dynamics of your marketplace, and develop a comprehensive plan to drive specific and measurable objectives. Ignite will even help you package this plan and promote it throughout your organization.

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We provide a full service marketing audit, get you up to speed fast, and leave you with a plan that you can execute on your own or with support.

  • Rebrand or a brand freshener including website redesign and reevaluation of your current marketing practices

  • Full service social media management and or training

  • Content and Marketing Materials to support your brand's mission


We work with clients to build media plans to help you tell your story and connect with storytellers and influencers to get the word out about your product or service. 

  • Press Events

  • Press Releases

  • Feature Articles

Social Media Services

We work with you to build a social media presence. Find your brand's voice and interact with your fans across social platforms. We provide both long-term social media management and training in best practices that enable you to take on social media for your brand.

  • Social Media Assessment

  • Social Media Management

  • Social Media Training

Web Design

We design websites and create content to help you tell your story. We will work with you to build a platform that suits your business and requires as little or as much long term support as you want. We can build a site that you can manage that will keep your customers updated. We also take time to increase your placement on Google and other search engines.