Ignite Corporate Recovery Partners



At the center of most start-ups is a visionary with a great idea. Unfortunately, he/she often lacks the time, the skillset, or the funds to build a proper infrastructure to support the vision. 


At the heart of Ignite is an entrepreneurial spirit. Our team has worked with start-ups in technology, the defense industry, fashion and apparel, retail, and education. We’ve been intimately involved in many success stories…and a few failures. It’s that broad and diverse experience that makes us the right partner. We understand the opportunities, the challenges, and most importantly the roadblocks and pitfalls your new business may encounter. 

Ignite works with start-ups to...

  • Conduct market research and define the overall opportunity
  • Develop a comprehensive and actionable business plan
  • Raise investment money
  • Manage daily operations for the business
  • Establish a sales and distribution strategy
  • Provide financial analysis and recommendations
  • Build your brand through a variety of channels including web design and media exposure.