Ignite Corporate Recovery Partners


Strategic Planning Workshop

Our businesses operate in complex, competitive environments. Things change quickly, and it’s easy to drift away from the mission, neglect important organizational objectives, and maybe even lose sight of what business we’re really in.

Ignite leads non-judgmental, objective forums to refine your organization’s mission and values, evaluate strengths and weaknesses, analyze the dynamics of your marketplace, and develop a comprehensive plan to drive specific and measurable objectives. Ignite will even help you package this plan and promote it throughout your organization.

What to expect from an Ignite Strategic Planning Workshop:

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  • 1 to 2 days of focused discussion and exercises

  • Materials, workbooks, and examples to provoke thinking, collaboration, and applications

  • Objectivity – It’s important to have strategic planning led by a team without preconceived ideas or hostage to the way things have always been done

  • A team of individuals studied in your industry and organization.

  • Ignite will provide both a written summary of the workshop, as well as a written assessment of the organization’s position and challenges moving forward.


The 3 Voices of Strategic Balance

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.”

Yogi Berra

“A good plan violently executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week.”

George S. Patton

“If you can’t explain it simply you don’t understand it well enough.”

Albert Einstein